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Using Your Intuition to Make Aligned Decisions

March 29, 2021 Kavita Episode 15
The Soulful Entrepreneur's Club
Using Your Intuition to Make Aligned Decisions
Show Notes

What happens when you are living your life out of alignment?  So many things can be thrown off when you are living out of alignment, for example, your physical and mental health.

I teach about using your intuition to guide your decisions because if I had used my own inner guidance and intuition I would have chosen differently many times.  Without access to your intuition, you may be confused and unsure of where to be spending and focusing your time and energy. You may also just be living the life others envisioned for you, vs. living out and pursuing the things that light you up.

In this episode, I share a few different ways to re-align, and start tuning into your intuition to make aligned decisions and guide your life down the path meant for you.

[2:43] Struggling to gain access to inner guidance/intuition

[3:24] My first awakening

[5:42] When you live out of alignment, health issues, and many other low level energies come to the surface

[7:07] The act of remembering

[8:06] Learn to seek guidance from healers that are trained to not influence your decisions but guide you to follow your intuition and help you uncover whats underneath

[10:03] Why many empaths/HSP’s have come to doubt their intuition

[11:52] In order to access your intuition, it takes multiple things

[13:10] 3 different tools & techniques to calm your nervous system and access your right side of your brain. Your creative, spiritual self.

[25:03] Recognizing your triggers and your stories


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